by Ayo Tunde
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It is not uncommon that many people see the football world as a completely different world from what obtains in the outside world. So much so that sometimes the acts of footballers or coaches are analysed, and somewhat dispensed with a comment like ‘yeah why not? he is a footballer after all’.

I always say that there are many similarities in the science, the art and the administration of football to what goes on in the corporate world, and in general life, even.

The processes of scouting players, for example, is an interesting process which involves a lot. The ultimate objective of the football scout, though, is exactly the same objective of the human resources professional, the recruiter, who also has to go through processes aimed at finding the right personnel for the company to employ, and have as much assurance as possible, that the candidate that they select is the best suited from what was available. The football scout also does the same, in their own way. Looking at players, analysing the players with a view to either recommending to the coach of a club to sign the player on, or sometimes to analyse with a view to advising the coaches on how to thwart the player.

In today’s world, things are different, and we are now doing things differently. Recruitment of employees is a process that could now not be done by face-to-face meetings, but a lot of virtual, remote work goes into it. It is the same with football scouting. The similarities are there.

The mindset is a major challenge in adapting to this new normal, but it is a challenge that can be overcome, once there is an admittance in the fact that it is indeed, a challenge. The formula of KTA is very vital, and will always be a good guide.

To the HR executive or recruitment advisor, you are not alone. You are to your company, what a football scout is to their club/national association. The principle is the same. The mindset can be matched.


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