by Ayo Tunde
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In the world of business and commerce, even at the very lowest levels, the principles of profit and loss is very active and common to all. Profit and loss is a language that everyone speaks when going into business.

You put something in, and expect in return, more than you put in, which is profit. But as it is in the buy-and-sell marketplace, so it is in football.

You acquire a player and pay a fee for him; or you spot him in the playing fields and take him on into the academy and nurture him to stardom. Then whether in material, trophies or in financial terms, the player comes good and you can be pleased with your job as a scout that you made a ‘profit’ in your player.

The job of a football scout is exactly like that of a recruiter, a hiring personnel in an organisation. It is like the jib of a buyer in the stock exchange. They all bear similarities.

And the ultimate objective for everyone must remain the same – to make a solid return on investment.

Our mindset must look into the long term, and our employment of the KTA formula must be with a view to getting all needed information that we need as scouts, and recruiters, to be able to select candidates that will be an assured return on the investment of our clients, in the long term.

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