by Ayo Tunde
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The big football news of the week was about the formation of a breakaway league championed by some of the richest clubs in world football. Basically these guys had a big market, racked up significant debt in trying to live up to what they are called (the big boys) and want to form a league that will ease their financial woes, or perhaps use as collateral to run into more debt!

Then the dream died. It was handled so badly that it makes one wonder how some of the world’s richest men could have acted so amateurish in taking this step.

But it was not their amateurism that brought their pet project to its knees. It was the global revolt, the opposition, the reproach from all sectors.

It reiterated what I always said on here – that whatever you set out to do, you can do it as long as you believe in it. The world outside of these 12 big men saw a chance in killing the dream, and went for it and it died.

But it raises big and deep questions, and this is where people outside of the football spectrum can also relate, and share in the sentiments.

Because with the death of the European Super League, it was not euphoria for all. It has now left a real bitter taste on what we have NOT done on other areas of our lives.

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