by Ayo Tunde

Welcome to Tunde Talks

Speaker. Motivator. Personal Development Advocate. Mindset Kickstarter. Football Experiences.

Today is your lucky day. You came here to visit this website. A very first step in your life’s journey to winning.
Tunde is a winner…he has fought many battles and won them all. A success story? Without a shadow of doubt. And how? By engaging and connecting to a mindset of success, a mindset that insists that failure has no place in his life.
At the TundeTalks Mindset Academy, we want to impart knowledge and experiences of Tunde in the football world, and share with you the same mindset he has managed to develop…that you can replicate his successes, and even try to better it.
TundeTalks is unique – one of a kind, no one ever did it, but what the Academy does and will do, will stand the test of time, and there can only be success at the end of it.
Football is the global sport of the world; we all speak its language, but don’t we all see football and footballers in a different light? They are just like you….and us. And at TundeTalks Mindset Academy, we will bring the lives and acts of the game and its players closer to you, and the same way that we can shape the mindset of football players, we can do just the same with you.
So click on, and let us learn together….so we can win…TOGETHER!


Mindset forms a very important part of any success story. Many see where they want to be but do not get to it because they do not believe they can. It is a Mindset thing. Many know what they are reaching out for is way beyond them but still go for it. It is a Mindset thing. In football, you may have the skillset, the physique and the ability, and you display it all in practice, but when it comes to being on the big stage in football matches, you need a Positive, Can-Do Mindset to be a Winner. In business, you may need money, the personnel and the resources, but you need the icing on top to be a good Positive Mindset, so that your story will be a success. With our tools of coaching (KTA, KRUGER), you will attain levels of excellence with contentment that go wider beyond your imaginations and expectations. Why? Because it is proven.

So…..this is in recognition of the need to attend to people who need ‘coaching’ to tow a life path, to plan and achieve goals, to pave the way to success, to sustain success and for guidance. I have decided to run a free consultancy promo for a very limited amount of time. To take advantage of the opportunity, you have to be quick, be following @tundetalks_ on IG and @TalksTunde on Twitter and be subscribed to the channel on YouTube.
This is so because without following these pages to gain insights, it’s harder to appreciate the value of the consultation.

Ranging from concerns to a need for a push, self realism and everything in life, this mindset coach who has produced results for himself can produce results for you. This one time, get lucky! Hit me up and become a winner, like me!

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New Book: afcon heroes and legends

A tale of the greatest football tournament on the continent of Africa and how its heroes and legends left their mark on the sport we love.

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