by Ayo Tunde


What do average athletes do when they want to join the list of A-list athletes?

Simple, they intensify their #FOCUS, discipline themselves, create a plan of action and commit to it.

Tunde, what have you got to say about focus again?

A lot!

Do you know that most A-list footballers started out as average until they DECIDED to intensify their focus and paid the price of discipline? Take the case of CR7. We all know him, don’t we?

He was talented.
He was average.
He was young And he had ideas.
He joined Manchester United and might have ended up average But he made the decision himself to do better.

He watched what he ate, drank, and disciplined himself to a fault. He would stay behind when everyone had left the training ground and practice free kicks on his own, for hours.

The result – he became an obsessed perfectionist. And still is. But what else was he? An absolute success story.

#Focus on you, build yourself, be disciplined and create a strategy that will keep you focused on the big picture and the smaller ones will fit into place.

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The dictionary defines focus as “a state or quality of producing clear visual definition”. This points to the fact that to produce clear visual definition, one needs to do a series of things cap it with FOCUS. 

A prerequisite to success or greatness is the ability to stay determined, to stay firm towards a goal and maintain a clear visual definition of what the goal to be achieved is.

In essence, to move forward in life or to attain success ultimately, it is vital that you include FOCUS as one of the major ingredients you use in preparing your delicacy of success. 

David Cameron once said: “I believe that in life,  you have to give things your best shot, do your best. You have to focus on what needs to be done, do the right thing not the popular thing”.

To get to the ‘promised land’, as emphasised before, you need to take FOCUS seriously. Nothing great can be achieved without persistence, focus, determination and consistency! 

As you dream about achieving a goal and then start to make plans towards making it happen, you start to flicker and lose focus, doing it today, leaving it tomorrow, forgetting what the plan on the drawing board is from start. The more you waver and the more you lose focus, the more your hunger for success gets drained. So you just keep that hunger; that FOCUS and work towards it. 

Focus is indeed a step to greatness in any and every endeavour of man. Stay focused and watch your delicacy of greatness get served.


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There is a constant argument about whether or not fate has a role to play in a man’s life, journey or success. It’s highly debatable but for the purpose of this article, let’s use this analogy. Whatever will come to you will come to you (not negating the fact that you’ll work for it) but time plays a crucial part in the process of success coming to you.

If you’re aiming towards a goal, have you made sure that you have followed due process or you want to skip a process just so you can get to the ‘promised land’ quick? That’s the thing about life and time.

Success comes at the perfect time that it’s meant for you owing to the fact that you have put certain things in place and are now ready to receive it when it comes. If you’re still hammering on achieving a goal and you haven’t yet, try to see if you’re ready to receive what it is you’re aiming to get.

When you work towards a goal hoping to see results/success. Time plays a role in the positioning of the success not just so that you’re ready for it but so that other things you probably didn’t even make plans for can begin to fall in place and then all work for your good.

Life, time and success all work hand in hand. Remember this and do not let your hope falter. There is still such a thing as the right time.

Pick your time, take your time and use your time wisely and for sure, a win will be the result at the end.


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The things that have been happening in the last two years are unusual and challenging both in the real world and in the football world. It beckons on us to then take steps and actions to adjust to the changes that have been caused. As it is said, desperate times call for desperate measures.

As we try to go back to normalcy from the COVID-19 episode, it’s important we know that we can’t completely go back to normalcy but we can adapt to change and reflect on past actions, on history, and on our intuition to do even greater things. This is the power of reflection.



Written by Tiny for TundeTalks

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