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How To Practice the Science of Goal Keeping In Your Resume Submissions.

Dear Jobseeker,

This is for you. Times are hard and there are fewer jobs on offer than before. Therefore you do need to be top notch in your strategy to give yourself a good chance of netting that job.

Read on:

What most people outside of football do not understand is that goalkeeping is a special position that takes a special individual to play. The position of a goalkeeper takes extreme training and dedication. It requires #discipline, repetition before it becomes an established habit.

The same practice should be employed when sending out resumes. Just as goalkeeping requires different techniques you need to use different strategies on how to get your resume in front of a prospective employer.

How a goalkeeper handles a shot fired at him/her from point-blank range is different from how they go for a cross. It is a different technique and you have to know what the angle of the ball is towards you to determine whether you open your hand to palm it away, catch it, punch it or spread yourself and make yourself big to stop it. A goalkeeper has many techniques and so should you!

Guard your goalpost against any outside penetration, You can do this by reducing your weaknesses and anticipating your potential employers’ every move. You win always with guarded knowledge, like a good goalkeeper!

Till then keep soaring!

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