by Ayo Tunde
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Who are you accountable to? What actions are you accountable for? Why is the word ‘accountability’ relevant to you?

Sometimes we hear or read these words and we feel it’s not a lot to do with us. We are on our own lane, minding our respective businesses, and as long as we are not brushing anyone else, we are good.

Sounds good, and plausible. But is it real?

Can we operate in the realms of success at whatever endeavour without embracing the true principles of accountability?

Success is guided by a lot of factors. We always write and speak a lot about various routes to success. And different authors have divergent views to attract readership.

Accountability is a common feature though. And it is one feature you and I must be aware of, in pursuit of the realisation of dreams, the breaking down of obstacles and the road to true and meaningful success.

Watch my video and let us learn….and win together!

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