by Ayo Tunde
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You will observe that I have dedicated this month to feedback. I believe that all efforts and resolve of the first two months of a new year is worthy of an appraisal that looks into the kind of feedback we all get, in pursuit of our goals and target we set at the start of the year.

This allows for us to kickstart the next stage of our year – either to consolidate or re-assess options and get going again.

Many times we get laden with feedback for our efforts, but because we do not stop to appraise and see where things are going, we tend to go too deep into what we had been doing that was not going well, and it becomes hard to change tack and pursue the goals in a different way.

That is why feedback is necessary, and important.

But the key is no longer the feedback, really. It is….first identifying what exactly is the feedback, where it is coming from and secondly, having a good reaction to the said feedback.

We must know how to spot feedback, and we must find a way to address the feedback we receive in a way that our reaction will turn whatever manner of feedback we receive into a winning situation.

Now this is what you do. Watch this video, absorb the contents, enjoy it where you can and then do this: adopt the principles that is used in the example I gave.

Your success is feedback to me, of the impact of your association with me and with TundeTalks. So endeavour to get the right feedback, focus on getting a good feedback by processing the first feedback and turning it into eventual success, and that success will in turn be a positive feedback for TundeTalks. Remember that your initial feedback might need a tweak or two – some flexibility that would enhance your chances of getting a better feedback as an improvement on the initial one. Let’s work together. That way, we win all round!

By the way, have you heard of KRUEGER? And how it relates with TundeTalks?

I am determined to win with you! Stay in touch

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