by Ayo Tunde
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Most things we do in life involves a process. Whether we are job seekers, consultants, contractors, even politicians, there is always a process. Most times you are subjected to the scrutiny of a coach or manager in football, a project manager or client in corporate life, or even the scrutiny of voters in a political election process.

But most of all, you are the subject of a process, and you want to have the right mindset to overcome and excel in the process – a process we all know as the Hiring Process.

As a job seeker or someone looking for a boost in your career, you are not alone in the challenge of having to impress someone who is looking at your information, your details and your conduct. Even they, unbeknown to you, are also under scrutiny, and their decisions on them sometimes hinge on decisions they take about you.

So it is a huge cycle, and we are all involved, regardless of who we are or what we are, in a big hiring process that guides and determines our journey and progress in life.

What we then need to overcome these challenges and be strong and successful….is in the Mindset. Please enjoy my submission here.

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