by Ayo Tunde
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When you are the fan or supporter or lover (whatever you choose to label yourself) of a football team that posts a 9-0 thrashing over another, you feel a sense of elation. Sometimes you assume an air of invincibility, like no team can beat yours. You are happy (understandably) and proud of the players who delivered such a pleasing result.

But looking at it from another perspective, you have to marvel at the mindset and mentality of the players of the other team. And admire the work that professional footballers do, and why sometimes, it is not such a bad idea to pick a tip or two from the intrigues of the game of football.

The players on the losing end of a 9-0 pasting….how do they feel? When the goal count started racking up, what goes through their minds as they trudge back to the centre spot for yet another restart having conceded yet another? Three becomes four, four turns to five, five gets to six….and in and on till nine!

It takes strength in willpower and desire to start again, and to keep trying even when they know the game is up. But they do…..always with the mindset that there is something to play for….even at 9-0 down!

We can all be that way, and avoid 9-0 pastings in our life endeavours, but where it becomes sticky, to adopt the mindset of the footballer….and keep going.

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