by Ayo Tunde
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In goal-setting challenges, we always have to accept that feedback is key. In a year planner, I have always seen March as the month of feedback. You spend January finding your feet and your balance, articulating your goals and setting your tactics on how you want to get to your desired destination.

February consolidates your targets, you focus on them and devise ways through which you can call your tactics your own. You send out letters, proposals, make your pitch and go for it.

And March can be the month of feedback. You start to get a feel of how your early-year plans have been received – by prospective employers, clients, business partners or even within yourself in personal development.

Not all feedback is good, but feedback is reality. You hear the news on whatever you are expecting. Some will be good, and you can kick on and get started with the next stage.

However, feedback can also be negative. Especially in these trying times, much more negative feedback fly around in the air.

In football, you get on the pitch, you play your heart out, do a lot of running, but when the scout sits you down to analyse your performance, you see that you made very little contribution to the overall performance of the team.

Negative feedback is real, and it exists. It can happen to the best of us.

What we need to work on, collectively, is how we react to the negative feedback in our dreams.

Are you an ostrich? Are you going to bury your head in the sand feeling sorry for yourself over what has happened, about which you got the negative feedback? What can you do to overcome the negative feedback and turn things the other direction?

Do not be an ostrich. Watch this, learn, and turn your negatives to wins!

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