by Ayo Tunde
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For years, I have had many requests to join one WhatsApp group or the other.
Has it happened to you?
In some cases, someone who has your number just adds you to a group and you are wondering ‘what am I doing here?’  Sometimes you find it hard to exit the group because you don’t want to appear snobbish.
Sometimes, the group gets inundated with lots of ‘forwarded many times’ images, clippings or videos and they tend to disrupt your flow, or even sometimes disturb your sleep.
Then you turn off the notification function.

You open WhatsApp on some days and see 1,000 unread messages and you’re like ‘wow, don’t people have time to be sending little bits of nothing on a WhatsApp group!’

I have had experiences on WhatsApp groups….and many have not been great.

Oh….did I talk about the groups that dedicate themselves to analysing the state of football in my beloved country, Nigeria? And many times a fair few members dedicate their time and energy to attacking a particular harmless individual who has, in turn, devoted his life to working hard to unearth African talent, is doing his job as the head scout, picking and recommending players on merit and under no pressure from anyone – yet he is under constant attack from people who use WhatsApp groups to floor him!

An ironic twist, therefore, that the person who has had such a weird experience with WhatsApp groups, is advocating the building of a WhatsApp group and calling people to join.

Why not? To set up a group on the basis of how WhatsApp groups should be. To build a community of fabulously like-minded individuals who only want one thing in common – to win in the game of life. I mean, to be successful.

That is what the TundeTalks WhatsApp group offers.

So, in spite of the experiences of ‘Tunde, and any you might have had, send Hi to the number, and join a WhatsApp group that is run by someone who has personally suffered from the pitfalls of WhatsApp groups and hence won’t run his like those ones.
Come on. Let’s do this. Send hi to +447417527932 and join –

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